Covid 19 lesson procedure

To all students here’s how the lessons will change.
The safety of every student is a priority and so I hope that implementing these measures will reduce any risks.
1.            Pick up must be from home, work or college so that you can wash your hands directly before the lesson commences.
2.            You must wear a face covering/ mask. (I will supply a disposable mask if needed)
3.            I will be conducting the lesson in a face shield or mask.
4.            Hand sanitiser will be available for all students to use at the start of the lesson to ensure the car is safe for everybody.
5.            There will be a plastic disposable seat cover on the driver’s seat for your safety.
6.            Please consider your choice of appropriate clothing, hair may need to be tied back as the windows will be open for ventilation (weather permitting).
7.            Try to avoid bringing handbags/ sports bags or other things that need will storing in the car if possible.
8.            I will be sterilising the car between lessons and doing less hours a day to keep the car in the safest condition possible.
9.            Payment for the lesson can be done by bank transfer, or if you are paying with cash you will need to put it in a sealed envelope with your name and the correct amount written on the envelope, so I can process it at the end of the day. I will not be able to give change on the day, but will be able to deduct an over-payment from your next lesson if needed.
*If you have any symptoms and need to cancel please don’t hesitate to contact me, as such I will be waving any cancellation fees, you would also need to contact relevant authorities and self-isolate where requested so subsequent lessons would only take place after a two week period or when it's safe to do so.
*If you have a test booked and I need to self-isolate you would either need to cancel the test or make your own arrangements.
*If you have any further questions regarding your lesson please contact me either by mobile or messenger.

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