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Prices & Business hours: Info 2

Prices & Business hours

Lessons are available.
Monday to Thursday 8am to 4:30.
Friday 8am  to 2:30.
Payment by bank transfer at least 48 hours before commencement of lesson (Details will be given on confirmation of first lesson)

90 minute lesson £63
120 minute lesson £84
There is a 48 hours cancellation policy.
Please read T&Cs for further information.

Number of hours.

The truth is everybody is different. The number of hours that may be needed will depend upon several factors including the frequency of lessons taken, previous road experience (e.g. on a motorcycle / moped), and whether you are able to supplement professional tuition with private practise. Statistics suggest that age can also be a factor, with younger candidates generally requiring fewer hours than older people.

As a very rough guide however, the Driving Standards Agency (the people who conduct the tests) say that nationally, on average, test-ready candidates will have had approximately 45 hours of training with a professional instructor plus around 22 hours of additional practise with a friend or relative.

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